SMS Training and Resources

Melissa SandfortAg Leader, Insights Weekly

Insights Weekly One goal of the Ag Leader SMS Software team is to provide training opportunities and resources that are effective regardless of the users SMS knowledge and fit into their busy schedules. This is why they have put all of their resources in a simple, single location for growers to get to: (or go to and click Support).

At the beginning of every month, Ag Leader offers free online webinars that growers can sign-up to attend. If you don’t have time to attend during our scheduled times, there are pre-recorded versions that have been posted for you to watch at your convenience. These serve as great precursors before attending one of the online or classroom trainings that will be held throughout the winter, which you can now sign-up for.

Under the SMS Resources page, here are links to other resources such as:

– Documentation: i.e. getting started guides and manuals
– YouTube tutorials: videos that describe individual tasks like reading in files and exporting field and product names, prescriptions and crop plans, guidance, and variety tracking information
– Discussion Forum: a dedicated discussion board for SMS products where you can ask questions and get answers from Ag Leader and other SMS users
– Spatial Data Links: links to assist you in finding other data to import into SMS or used for other purposes in your operation

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