Landmark launches YieldEDGE Viewer

Talia GoesAgribusiness, yields

YieldEDGE Yield Analysis Data MapLandmark Services Cooperative introduces the YieldEDGE Viewer, a new management tool for crop growers to monitor trends by field. YieldEDGE Viewer is a web-based program that allows crop growers who are Landmark members access to the cooperative’s data on the owner’s fields in real-time, at any time. The program is free to all Landmark members.

After logging into the system with a username and password, YieldEDGE Viewer shows the grower all of the data that Landmark has compiled about their operation, based on each field’s set boundary. This information can include: yield maps, fertilizer rates applied each year, soil test data, multi-year yield analysis, seed varieties planted, historical prescriptions by field and historical weather trends on the farm’s acreage.

Producers can then log-in to the YieldEDGE Viewer and access their information whenever needed. Weather patterns, forecasts and trends are also shown through the YieldEDGE Viewer. Myers says that recognizing weather according to acreage can help with adjustments in irrigation levels, monitoring time according to growing degree days and fertilizer rates.