Fascinating TATT Global Roundtable Discussion

Leah GuffeyAudio, GMO, International, World Food

DSC_1707It was a fascinating experience for me to spend three days watching and listening to the 16 Truth About Trade and Technologies (TATT) Global Farmer Roundtable farmers as they shared with each other and became friends. They were from Argentina, Australia, Canada, Ghana, India, Kenya, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Ukraine, Uruguay, Zimbabwe and the US – yet they were one. Similarities and differences kept them talking into the wee hours of the night and back at it first thing in the morning. They may have been jet lagged at times, but always willing to share about themselves and where they are from.

I had a chance to ask several of the participants to comment on their experience in Des Moines last week and what they will bring back home with them: [wpaudio url=”http://zimmcomm.biz/world-food/wfp-13-tatt-roundtable.mp3″ text=”TATT Global Farmers comments”]

2013 TATT Global Farmer Roundtable photos