Aussies Use Technology on Farm

Leah GuffeyGeneral

wfp-tatt-andrew2Australian farmer Andrew Weidemann along with his wife and youngest son attended the Wold Food Prize with Truth About Trade and Technologies (TATT) Global Farmer Roundtable. While chatting with Andrew outside of his roundtable role, I learned more about life on his farm in Victoria.  He and his brother are in a partnership along with their families.  They are also involved with a local beer company supplying the barley for Australia’s Finest Barley.

wfp-tatt-andrew1 On the farm in Victoria, Andrew tells me that over the last decade or so they have really started to see advances in their own technologies and how the land is responding. He was one of the first to begin using technology in his production.  Andrew says that weather conditions are a huge factor in how technology has played a role in the change over to no-till practices as well as sowing seeds.  They have seen a movement to a more paperless operation, in part, thanks to the local manufacturer setting up a network for the farmers to use.  Andrew is excited to continue to implement no-till and improved seeding on his farm to grow a bountiful harvest.

You can listen to my interview with Andrew here [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Andrew Weidemann”]

2013 TATT Global Farmer Roundtable photos