John Deere’s Focus on Partner Goals

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jd-integrators-13-pete-clarkJohn Deere’s API Integrators Conference shared with current and future partners the importance of adding customized value to applications for growers globally. Ag Connections attended the event and expressed their excitement for Deere’s customer focus as it lines up perfectly with their customer focused company.

Pete Clark, president and co-owner of Ag Connections, an agriculture software company located in Murray, Kentucky spoke with Chuck. He shared that the company develops and updates crop management software solutions that make lives easier and farms more efficient and compliant.

“The model is similar to ours. We believe the grower owns the data and they said that data would be on the portal, but that the grower had control and if they wanted to remove their data they could. That’s pretty much our business model. Our customer has control. We are all about data privacy and we have been all these years. I feel like they are headed in the right direction and they are making progress.”

Ag Connections have been integrators since 2007. They already have their account setup at and have participated in some pilots with the program Deere is now offering.

“As we looked at the marketplace and this became available with Deere’s marketshare we looked at it as a high value for us to put a lot of our time and resources into. It has added value to our product. As we go to a green customer and explain to them what it means, they want to utilize it.”

You can listen to Chuck’s complete interview with Pete here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Pete Clark”]

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