Ag Leader Shares Impressions on John Deere’s API

Jamie JohansenAg Leader, Audio, John Deere

jd-integrators-13-corey-weddleDuring John Deere’s Develop with Deere event, Cory Weddle with Ag Leader Technology spoke with Chuck and gave his impression as an outside partner on the opening up of John Deere’s API and the development of new applications. He shared that it will provide a faster way to solve problems for customers and believes it will truly benefit all parties involved.

“I think it presents a lot of opportunities for third party developers. They have a lot of shared customers and so data flow is extremely important. Mixed fleets are a reality. We deal with customers who are running Ag Leader equipment and also running Deere equipment. We’ve got data that needs to flow between the systems and be able to be processed by our software. That they are willing to open up and give us opportunities to hear from us is really encouraging.”

Cory also shared what this announcement by Deere will mean for Ag Leader Technology. He said they already had an account and were looking forward to logging in and taking a look at it for himself.

“Customers don’t want to hear the excuses. They just want it to work. The more open the lines of communications we have between the companies willing to work together, the more customers will benefit.”

You can listen to Chuck’s complete interview with Cory here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Cory Weddle”]

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