John Deere Making Data Transfer Easier

Chuck ZimmermanAgribusiness, Audio, Data Collection, John Deere

Jeff BarnesDuring the John Deere API Integrator Conference I met Jeff Barnes, farm technology manager for Greenway Equipment, a John Deere dealership. He says yesterday’s announcements from John Deere of their new portal and the MyJohnDeere Data API is a big step for the company. I talked with him to get his perspective on what the company is doing.

He says their dealership has been actively involved with John Deere as the new data transfer system has been developed and he’s glad to see Deere reaching out to companies who will be developing new applications and ways to integrate into the MyJohnDeere system. “Now it’s time when we really need these tools to come together to build out things so our customers can take that data and use it in their operations.” He says this is making precision ag easier and helping more growers make use of the data they create during the season.

You can listen to my interview with Jeff here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Jeff Barnes”]

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