Port of Baton Rouge Gets Upgrade with Elevator

John DavisAgribusiness

batonrougeport1 Upgrades to Port of Greater Baton Rouge, Louisiana include a new a state of the art grain and oilseed export elevator. This news release from Louis Dreyfus Commodities LLC says the $150 million in upgrades will let the facility handle up to 5 million metric tons of grains and oilseeds annually during the first phase of its operation, eventually rising to 6 million metric tons.

“Port Allen will be our flagship export facility on the Mississippi River and a major part of our North American export program, bringing local products to world markets” said Mikael Mörn, CEO of Louis Dreyfus Commodities for North America, speaking at the inauguration ceremony. “We will start moving product immediately through the terminal, and are positioning ourselves to sustain and expand our leading presence within the grains and oilseeds export landscape in the US.”

More improvements are expected over the next few years to add highly efficient storage and inbound logistics capabilities to optimize export operations.