Data Management’s Future at New Holland

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chuck-fps-55New Holland Agriculture turned heads at the recent Farm Progress Show and one of those head-turning displays was the Precision Land Management System (PLM). The team showcased the in’s and out’s of the cutting-edge technology and were on hand to answer any and all questions from attendees.

Chuck took advantage of the opportunity and chatted with New Holland’s Chris Carrier about what farmers saw on display in their exhibit. Chris also shared where the future was headed with New Holland’s PLM package. “Data management, that’s where you see the future of the market going. And we are working on a more advanced package for that.”

Now that we have this data, Chuck asked Chris, “What do we do with it?” Chris said that being able to make decisions more efficiently, the ability for growers to make more informed decisions and transfer data in real-time are the key elements to the use of the data.

Chris shared that the consumer adoption rate has increased as they have learned more about it and became more versed with these new features. He added that it is easy for growers to see the payback on the product as well.

Listen to Chuck’s complete interview with Chris here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Chris Carrier”]

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