Remote Control Model of an Apache Sprayer

Talia GoesAgribusiness, Spraying

Nathan-Rowings-stands-next-to-his-remote-control-Apache-sprayerNathan Rowings, Apache AS710 owner, has a unique way of showing his appreciation for his sprayer. He started building an identical model of his Apache sprayer. After four years of intense detailed work, he brought his finished product to be placed on display at the National Toy Truck ‘N Construction Show in Indianapolis.

“When I was younger, I used to make other models for 4-H projects,” said the Greencastle, Ind. farmer. “But I got bored with them, and one day I decided I wanted to make a model of my Apache.”

Down to the small details, Rowings has created a nearly identical sprayer to the Apache. He even incorporated the same decals on his model AS710 that are found on the real sprayer. This little Apache not only looks impressive, but it is functional too.

Rowings spent approximately 400 hours making this model and even had to order parts from other countries. His mini-Apache is a 1:10 scale version of a real Apache sprayer and weighs 25 pounds. The AS710 model is hydraulically-powered by a remote control.