Make the Most of Data with Precision Ag Tools

Talia GoesAgribusiness, Data Collection, Dupont Pioneer

logo_pioneerUnderstanding what worked this past growing season and what didn’t is vital in planning for next year. To help turn data into management decisions for the next season, DuPont Pioneer experts are available to help growers analyze their harvest data with Pioneer Field360 services.

After taking the data card to a Pioneer sales professional, growers will receive yield summaries and harvest maps in a quick and timely manner via Pioneer Field360 Select software. Because this program provides field-level information anytime, anywhere through a web browser, growers are able to refer back to the summaries throughout the next season when making vital decisions.

By using as-planted maps and harvest data, sales professionals are able to provide growers with hybrid comparisons and performance data field-by-field and soil type-by-soil type to help growers understand what products succeeded and what didn’t.

A single season’s field summary is good, but multiple seasons of data are better. Subscribing to Pioneer Field360 Select software in subsequent years allows sales professionals to combine historical data and perform multiyear analysis. These analyses provide even more information to help growers and sales professionals make the best management decisions, such as hybrid and variety selections and positioning, as well as seeding rate decisions on a field-by-field basis.