Arclin Introduces NitroGain UI Urease Inhibitor

Talia GoesAgribusiness, General

ArclinArclin, a chemistry and applications company for the building, design, energy and agriculture industries, and Eco Agro Resources, makers of agricultural nutrient products, announced today that Arclin will be the exclusive seller of Eco Agro’s nitrogen urease inhibitor in the United States. Arclin will offer the fertilizer additive as part of its NitroGain™ suite of products. Called NitroGain™ UI, the safe and innovative product reduces nitrogen loss from urea-based fertilizers, giving crops more time to absorb vital nutrients and lessening nitrogen runoff into ground water and streams.

Blended with UAN (urea ammonium nitrate) fertilizers, NitroGain™ UI urease inhibitor reduces nitrogen loss by hindering the conversion of nitrogen to ammonia and carbon dioxide. Nitrogen thus stays in the soil longer, helping increase crop health and yield and protecting water sources by reducing runoff. By increasing nitrogen efficiency, NitroGain™ UI can also reduce fertilizer costs. Patent-pending, it is based on n-butyl triophosphoric triamide, or NBPT, technology.

Nitrogain™ UI has low toxicity and is non-carcinogenic, making it considerably safer than other commercially available urease inhibitors. It can be used either to coat urea granules or mixed with urea ammonium nitrate systems. Its most common applications are nitrogen-focused crops like corn, cotton, rice, coffee and wheat, and turf grasses.