Ag Leader Continues to Invest in Developing Dealers

Melissa SandfortAg Leader, Insights Weekly

Insights Weekly

Over the course of the past couple of years, Ag Leader has watched how the computer industry and the way they host peer groups in an effort to educate dealers and facilitate idea-sharing sessions, trying to see if it was a good fit for the precision agriculture industry. The genesis for peer group sharing has been around for decades, and being in a developing industry (precision ag is only a mere 20 years old), Ag Leader felt it mutually beneficial to develop the Precision Ag Peer Group program for dealers to help them grow their businesses. The purpose of the groups is business and personal growth driven by execution.

Michael Vos, Ag Leader territory development manager, says peer groups help dealers network, discover new and innovative ideas (that’s what precision ag is all about, right?), learn about business practices across the country and improve on their leadership and management skills.

Listen to my full interview with Vos here.

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Vos says people understand the big idea behind peer groups but until you experience them for a day, you don’t really know their true value…the results are encouraging. Contact your Ag Leader territory manager today if you are interested.

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