New Pioneer Field360 Tools App for Growers

Talia GoesAgribusiness, Apps, Dupont Pioneer

field360A new mobile app that features three agronomy tools is now available to help growers with this season’s management decisions. The Pioneer Field360 Tools app from DuPont Pioneer features the GDU Estimator, Precipitation Estimator, and Growth Stage Estimator.

This new app combines powerful analysis tools and real-time data, right at your fingertips. Growers are able to track multiple field scenarios, including progress of the crop with a growth stage estimator, view precipitation forecasts and daily precipitation, and calculate GDUs and key crop stages. The Pioneer Field360 Tools app can also estimate harvest dates for each Pioneer brand corn hybrid planted.

Part of the Pioneer Field360 services offering, this app can be located by searching Field360 in the App Store. The app will be upgraded with additional best-in-class agronomy tools as they are available. An Android version of the app will be available later in July in the Google Play Store.

Growers can also go to to access the Pioneer Field360 Tools app and other Pioneer applications such as Pioneer Field360 Notes app and the Plantability app.