Syngenta Provides Integrated Crop Solutions

Talia GoesAgribusiness, Corn, Irrigation, Syngenta

syngentaSyngenta and Lindsay Corporation formally announced a collaborative agreement to provide corn farmers with a more efficient way to grow and manage irrigated corn acres. This collaboration will provide farmers with access to a proven combination of best-in-class products, technology, expertise, analysis, automation and service. The two companies have been working in recent years to develop projects and will deliver an entire agronomic system in one easy solution.

If the past two seasons are any indication—with both drought then excess rain—water will remain unpredictable. During the next 15 years, nearly 40 percent of the global population will be experiencing severe water limitations, and a typical U.S. corn grower will face water issues in two to three out of every five years. One of the major issues on irrigated acres is making the best use of available water, and the Syngenta and Lindsay initiative brings together a comprehensive approach that allows water to be most efficiently used in irrigated programs.

“Syngenta realizes that it’s time to rethink water. Water is the lifeblood of agriculture and one of the most critical elements in growing a corn crop,” said David Morgan, North America regional director for Syngenta. “Although weather and water are variable, corn growers can mitigate risk and achieve higher yield potential in water-stressed situations through a combination of technologies, products and services. We are pleased to be working with Lindsay, a leading provider of irrigation technology and water management systems, to deliver a complete platform custom-designed to help farmers grow more corn with less water.”

Barry Ruffalo, President, Irrigation at Lindsay Corporation said the collaborative agreement will enable Lindsay and Syngenta to integrate industry-leading offerings to provide farmers with unprecedented control over their irrigated corn acres.

“Our approach will include helping growers identify the most critical limiting variables and putting a program in place to better measure, analyze, track and predict their impact in real time,” Ruffalo said. “Integrating the Growsmart soil and weather sensors into the FieldNET monitoring and control platform creates a simple plug-and-play solution that is easy to use, yet very powerful. We look forward to working with Syngenta to help farmers save time, manage their irrigated acres more efficiently and improve their return on investment potential.”