Google Reader Gone – Subscribe to

Chuck ZimmermanApps, Internet, technology

Google ReaderIf you’re trying to keep up with the latest news today then you really need a way to subscribe to RSS Feeds. Hopefully you already are.

But if you use Google Reader, it goes bye bye today. So what do you do now? I shouldn’t assume you use Google Reader or even know what a news feed reader is I guess so let’s step back a moment.

Services like Google Reader allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds. That would be a distribution mechanism for all kinds of information. It’s used by blogs, podcasts and much more. You can find the RSS Feed here. That link is to a small text file containing the information your feed reader needs to subscribe to That means you can pull posts into your feed reader which might be on your phone or tablet or computer. You can subscribe to lots of feeds and the reader you use aggregates them into one place for you. And you subscribe anonymously! That’s nice for you. But for me it makes it more difficult to provide our sponsors with demographic data on you. Oh well. I’ll happily live with that. I want you to subscribe and enjoy without worry. Of course, another alternative is the AgWired App which contains the feed in it!

So back to the demise of Google Reader. What do you replace it with? My recommendation is NetNewsWire for Macs. I’ve been using it for years. It syncs across all my devices, including iPhone and iPad. I subscribe to about 100 feeds right now and check them almost every day. But if you’re still PC then I would point you to Feed Demon or Feedly.

So if you’ve been using Google Reader then import those feeds into your new feed reader asap. Google Reader is gone end of day.