Aerial Precision Ag is Ready to Fly Multirotors

Talia GoesAerial Application, Aerial Imagery, Agribusiness

Aerial-Precision-Ag-Product-Mutlirotor-UAV-1Aerial Precision Ag is officially off the ground and flying. Following great success at AgConnect 2013, the Aerial Precision Ag, also known as APA, decided to pursue additional exhibits in order to provide the information and education that producers need surrounding Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) assisted precision agriculture. The company will be attending several shows and exhibits this year including the following: Farm Progress Hay Expo, Farm Progress Show, The InfoAg Conference, and Husker Harvest Days.

Aerial Precision Ag is providing producers an easy to fly multirotor platform that captures HD video and photo images for use in precision agriculture operations. Producers no longer have to wait on a third party for crucial updates. The advantage of aerial imagery is giving producers immediate access to a birdseyeview of their fields to determine crop progression, plant health, storm damage, herbicide and insecticide application windows, drainage management, livestock monitoring, water runoff, as well as documented crop production.

The APA UAVs are professional multirotor units that are assembled, calibrated, and tested in the corporate headquarters in Tempe, Arizona and sold from the national sales office in Jackson, Missouri. The durable units have builtin gyros that allow for steady hovering and easy flying for every customer, and all parts are replaceable and very durable. APA multirotors can cover a two mile radius and reach altitudes up to 400 feet. Photos and video are captured on a memory card in the camera and can be transferred directly to a computer or smartphone for immediate review and storage.