New Application Controls in the Making at Raven

Jamie JohansenRaven, Spraying, technology

ris-13-032_editedStaying on the cutting edge of precision agricultural technology isn’t an easy thing to master, but the team at Raven Industries has done just that. During the 2013 Raven Inovation Summit in Sioux Falls, South Dakota numerous products were unveiled. Three of them fall into the category of application controls.

I asked Gary Esselink, product manager in application controls for Raven, to give more insight into these three new additions.

One of them includes the tank fill monitor. Gary said, “We have a flow meter running at the outlet filling the tank up. And we calculate those gallons as they go in it. We then display them either on the field computer or on an outside monitor.”

Another new product in application controls is the automatic pump flush system. “What happens is a lot of the chemicals we run in the direct injector pumps change their characteristics. What we’ve done is provide a little flush tank with a 3-way valve. When you push a button on the field computer the valve turns and takes the flushing agent, runs it through the pump at a pre-designed amount and then shuts itself off.”

The last but certainly not least addition is the ISO virtual terminal. “ISO means it’s interactive with other systems. Raven products can interact with other field computer of our competitors if they are also ISO compatible.”

Listen to my complete interview with Gary here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Gary Esselink”]

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