New Planter Control Options at Raven

Jamie JohansenAudio, Planting, Raven

ris-13-077-editedAccuracy, scalability and connectivity are all things Raven Industries prides themselves on when it comes to row crops. During the 2013 Raven Innovation Summit the team at Raven was proud to introduce the latest in precision technology with their multi-hybrid planter.

The planter control package includes more then just multi-hybrid technologies. It also brings together OmniRow that is fully integrated with liquid, granular and liquid injection product control, SmartYield, steering solutions for multiple machine types and Sidekick Pro for direct chemical injection.

Doug Prairie is product manager for planter, seeder, and harvest controls. In an interview he gave more insight into what this new precision technology can provide to growers of all types.

“The multi-hybrid project is a project we did in conjunction with South Dakota State University. They wanted to do some research on the ability to switch hybrids of corn and soybeans in real-time while they are planting in the field. So we worked with them and developed patent-pending technology that will do that using a inner plant or twin row type tool bar configuration. With that you can have hybrid A in one set of rows and hybrid B in the second set with a prescription map or manually switching in the field. You can plant a hybrid in low lying areas and another in the higher elevations. Or you can change by soil types.”

Listen to my complete interview with Doug here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Doug Prairie”]

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