What’s New in Data Management at Raven?

Jamie JohansenAudio, Dealers, Raven, Wireless

ris-13-039_editedData management was one of the buzz words during the recent Raven Innovation Summit. Raven Industries hosted dealers and growers from around the world as they made public their latest and greatest precision ag technologies. When is comes to data management Slingshot has revolutionized the cab.

When you bring together Slingshot and Raven hardware you can view and support the Raven display live, utilize high accuracy RTK, manage equipment and data from ravenslingshot.com and integrate Slingshot with Raven’s partner’s solutions or even develop your own.

During the trade show I took the opportunity to talk with Paul Welbig, general manager for Slingshot Operations for Raven Industries, about what the new developments in data management mean to growers everywhere.

“We are excited to announce several different things as it relates to Slingshot and like you said we really pioneered the high-speed internet connectivity to the cab. It really starts with a real robust wireless platform and information backbone that will bottle this data and then share it with other providers out there. We have been real busy enhancing that, making it much more robust and easily distributed for everyone who needs to use it. We rolled out a couple of new things. One is Slingshot 2.0 portal. It’s a brand new system users can log in to and manage their data. We have provided a brand new field hub that is a modem in the cab that will provide high-speed internet and now it also has wifi.”

Listen to my complete interview with Paul here: [wpaudio url=”http://zimmcomm.biz/raven/ris-13-paul-welbig.mp3″ text=”Interview with Paul Welbig”]

Check out photos from the event here: Raven Innovation Summit Photo Album