Introducing The New Field Computing System – Viper 4

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ris-13-063_edited-1The Viper 4 was the talk of the 2013 Raven Innovation Summit in Sioux Falls, SD earlier this week. This was just one of the many products Raven Industries unveiled during the event.

As a fourth generation Viper, the Viper 4 comes from a legendary family loaded with connections, resources and support. The precision ag system integrates into a simple, connected platform.

The Viper 4 is a rugged modular field computer platform with a flexible design, wireless communication capabilities, will interface to many systems for multiple farming operations and has complete consistant consumable data. It runs on a Raven Operating System and is lighter. The display is 12.1 inches with a resistive touchscreen and airtight design. It comes with fully scalable GPS, camera inputs and equipped for future applications. viper 4

Right after the announcement of Viper 4 attendees had the opportunity to walk through the trade show and see first hand how these new precision ag technologies could benefit them. I spoke with Shane Swedlund, Senior Product Manager in Field Computers for Raven, during the trade show and his enthusiasm for the new product was easy to see.

Listen to my interview with Shane here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Shane Swedlund”]

Check out photos from the event here: Raven Innovation Summit Photo Album