Most Important New Tractor Features

Talia GoesZimmPoll

Before we get to our new ZimmPoll let’s look at the results of our latest one which asked the question, “ Is agriculture doing a bad job of marketing?”

Our poll results: Sixty-five percent said Yes, Consumers Losing Trust, twenty-one percent said Yes, Industry Thinks It’s Not Needed, twelve percent said No, Consumers Trust Food Supply, and three percent said No, Industry Is Doing A Great Job.

Wow. That’s a huge percentage thinking we’re doing a bad job of marketing. Do you agree with these results? If so, why? What is wrong with the way marketing is being done in the ag sector? Do you think that some sensationalized stories in the media are contributing to a feeling that we are doing a bad job of marketing? If we are doing a really bad job of marketing is it hurting any farmer or company bottom line?


Our new ZimmPoll is now live and asks the question, “What is MOST important when buying a tractor?” Today, it seems like tractors come with as many options as a new car or truck. Many of these options are for comfort and flexibility. When you are shopping for a new tractor are you just looking for the basics or do you want and need all the new bells & whistles? Let us know.

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