Tips for Early-Season Scouting

Talia GoesAgribusiness, Apps, Dupont Pioneer, Scouting, seed

pioneerRegular scouting and field evaluation is a wise practice this coming growing season, according to DuPont Pioneer researchers and agronomists. Mild winter temperatures may have aided the survival of overwintering pests and diseases which could impact crop yields if not discovered and controlled.

Scouting fields regularly will help to identify planting issues, such as seedlings that have not emerged or lower-than-expected population counts. Efficacy of seed treatments becomes a challenge if the seed fails to germinate due to cool, wet conditions, or saturated soils dilute the treatment. By the two-leaf stage, you should be able to determine whether there are seedling emergence issues.

To help track field notes and assist with early-season scouting, Pioneer launched the Pioneer Field360 Notes app. The tool streamlines and organizes field-by-field agronomic information for communication between DuPont Pioneer agronomists, sales professionals and growers and is compatible with all tablet and mobile devices.