New feature for Optimizer 2.0

Talia GoesAgribusiness, agronomy, weather

optimizer2An agronomy firm whose smartphone application projects corn yields on a daily basis will launch a new function on the app to increase accuracy and reduce data entry.

The new function from Advanced Ag Solutions LLC, models anticipated irrigation to reduce data entry for farmers and their crop advisors. It is part of the company’s Optimizer 2.0 app, which recently unveiled the ability to download variable rate files to control seed and nitrogen rates within the field.

The app utilizes weather forecasts and soil moisture levels along with crop needs and common practices of area farmers to estimate when the farmer may have turned on or off his irrigation pivot. The software then allows the user to easily edit irrigated rates and timing in cases where estimates of irrigation might be off. Because water is a major component of crop yield the result is a much greater accuracy with very little effort from the user.