FieldView Plus Tells Growers of Planting Problems

Talia GoesAgribusiness, Planting

alertiPhoneEarlier this year, Precision Planting introduced FieldView Plus, giving growers the ability to sync planting data across multiple pieces of field equipment and multiple electronic devices. Now, automatic planter performance text alerts have been added to this cloud-based system.

Doug Sauder, Product Manager, notes that the metrics and alert thresholds can be set and changed through the FieldView website at any time, and multiple phone numbers can be notified. “It’s easy to set up, easy to change and easy to keep your planting performance at the highest possible level.”

In 2013, FieldView Plus is a no-cost option for Precision Planting’s FieldView and SeedSense users. Full release is planned for the 2014 planting season as a subscription-based service.