Dupont PrecisionPac Herbicide Solutions

Chuck ZimmermanAgribusiness, Dupont Crop Protection, Video, Weed control

Dupont Crop Protection PrecisionPac HerbicidesDuring Commodity Classic this year Dupont Crop Protection surveyed grower attendees and found that more than half of U.S. corn, soybean and wheat growers have changed their herbicide tank-mix strategies within the last three years. Changes include using new, different or more herbicides in the same spray tank. Nearly 67 percent of growers surveyed said they or a farm employee handle all herbicide tank mixing on their farm. The rest said they rely on custom applicators to do some or all of the job. The number one reason given for changing tank mixes was dealing with or preventing herbicide-resistant weeds. Ranking close behind was the desire to improve crop yield by reducing weed competition.

To help growers find a solution Dupont has created PrecisionPac custom blended herbicides. I got a tour of PrecisionPac from Davide Schuur, Cereal Portfolio Manager at DuPont. As he’ll demonstrate in the video below PrecisionPac creates custom dry soluble formulations for customers.