Trimble Connects Farms, Regardless of Brand

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classic-13-jamie-172-editedTechnology allows farmers to do what they do and do it well. Commodity Classic is the place to share what’s new in the technology world and Trimble was there to do just that.

During the event I spoke with Southern Region Distribution Manager for Trimble, Brad Rouse. He pointed out that Trimble’s early technology was in steering, but has evolved into much more. The message they still share with growers is they can interface with any vehicle, regardless of brand and make them more efficient.

Connected Farm is our big push right now to allow the grower to move data to machine, back to the office. Whether it be from any kind of field application, such as variable rate planting or prescription maps. So, to be able to wirelessly move that data around from machine to office is our focus right now.”

Many growers who passed through the Trimble booth wanted to know how their software would work with equipment they currently had on their farms and what the biggest advantage would be.

“The big advantage is to reduce the inputs, which is very expensive today and impacts the bottom line in a positive way.”

Listen to my interview with Brad here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Brad Rouse”]

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