Syngenta Resistance Fighter of the Year

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Scott StallbaumerFighting weed resistance is becoming more and more important and one way Syngenta has been working on it is with their Resistance Fighter of the Year Program. Here’s one of this year’s winners, Scott Stallbaumer from Saint Marys, KS. I met him in the Syngenta exhibit here at the National Farm Machinery Show. The other winner is Scott Holder from Boyle, MS.

Syngenta is once again honoring two outstanding leaders in the fight against herbicide resistance through the Resistance Fighter™ of the Year program. Over the past five months, many worthy people have been nominated as advisors committed to preventing the spread of resistant weeds. These individuals have continually supported this effort by providing growers with the information and tools they need to stay on top of all forms of herbicide resistance in their fields.

Now in its fourth year, the Resistance Fighter of the Year program recognizes those dedicated individuals who strive to protect America’s farmlands from herbicide resistance. Eligible recipients include farm managers, retailers, consultants and county extension agents who have successfully implemented resistance management programs with growers in their area.

Learn how and why Scott became a Resistance Fighter of the Year award winner in my interview with him: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Scott Stallbaumer”]

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