Grade Vilsack’s First Term

Talia GoesZimmPoll

Our latest ZimmPoll asked the question, “What did you think of Ram Trucks Super Bowl ad?”
Our poll results: The majority at forty-eight percent said All of the Above; twenty-eight percent said Great Exposure for Ag; twelve percent said Very Well Done; six percent were Not Impressed; four percent Hope to See More Like It; and two percent said Other. The Ram Truck super bowl ad could have been controversial within the ag community, but from the looks of our poll, most of you can look past the fact that Paul Harvey, the voice of the commercial, was an animal activist and enjoy the message that he conveyed.


Our new ZimmPoll is now live and asks the question, “What grade would you give Ag Sec. Vilsack during his first term?” Vilsack has had an entire term under his belt, so how would you rate his performance as leader of the USDA? Let us know.

You graded him at mid term and the results were mixed. It will be interesting how you grade him at this point.

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