Precision Farmer Profile – Mike Cox of Indiana

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Mike Cox of Indiana was one of more than 250 innovative farmers from around the country who attended the recent BASF Crop Protection grower symposium in Fort Lauderdale highlihgting “Fields of Opportunity” for the future of agricultural productivity.

basf-grower-2Mike Cox is a corn and soybean farmer from Indiana who really enjoyed the symposium, interacting with fellow producers from around the country and learning about tools to help him increase production. “We like to do a good job and it takes continuous education and effort to make that happen,” said Mike.

He’s also a member of the BASF advisory panel, and he expects the company to do a good job of listening to ideas from farmers like him. “I hope that the goal [of taking a great product farther] is something we can achieve.”

Mike said that technology has been a big driver in making agriculture more efficient and making sustainable increases in production. He added that he’s been exposed to precision technology nearly his entire career, back to the early 1990s. “The technology just keeps getting better and better. And it gives credibility to the products we use. It’s a check mark that you’re doing a good job or maybe you’re not extracting enough value.”

Mike concluded expressing his appreciation to be able to come to a symposium like this put on by BASF. “They’ve done an excellent job presenting their information. Very professional, organized contribution that I’m glad to witness and be part of.”

Listen to an interview with Mike here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Mike Cox, Indiana farmer”]

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