DuPont Pioneer IMPACT Trials

Talia GoesAgribusiness, Dupont Pioneer

EMH_News_Release_Header3ad95522There is no one size fits all solution for growers when it comes to corn and soybean performance. The uniquely designed DuPont Pioneer IMPACT trials collect results that provide accurate information about how potential new Pioneerbrand corn hybrids and soybean varieties perform in real-world field environments.

Pioneer products are targeted to meet specific grower needs and matched to local environments to provide the right product for the right acre.

IMPACT trials allow Pioneer researchers and agronomists to test genetic lines and evaluate dozens of products in more environments than with traditional research alone. Throughout the growing season, products are evaluated in reduced-stress conditions as well as poorly drained soils, drought-prone areas, corn-on-corn production, high disease pressure, and a wide variety of other conditions. The trials assess traits for stress resistance, yield, standability, herbicide resistance and insect protection. The IMPACT trials allow Pioneer to accurately advance and characterize the best products for local environments, ultimately helping growers achieve higher and more consistent yields.