Profile – Scott Parr of Wisconsin

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BASF Crop Protection held a grower symposium in Fort Lauderdale this month, inviting 275 of the nation’s most innovative farmers to attend. The theme of the symposium was “Fields of Opportunity” and some of the ways farming has improved in recent years and what is ahead for the future.

basf-scott“Our farm doesn’t look anything like it did even ten years ago,” says Scott Parr, a potato and vegetable farmer from Wisconsin. “We use larger, GPS-guided equiment and we also manage things to the nth degree. We have to be right on top of our game all the time.”

Parr says information management is their biggest issue right now. “We have a lot of concerns with traceability of produce throughout the system,” he said. “We have to be keeping track of that information and that’s our biggest challenge right now.”

Listen to my interview with Scott here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Scott Parr, Wisconsin farmer”]

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