New Products from TeeJet Technologies

Talia GoesSpraying

TeeJet TechnologiesTeeJet Technologies will be introducing several new and innovative spray and precision farming products at AG CONNECT 2013.

Among the products being introduced are three AE50 award winners:

1. Sentry 6140 tip flow monitor is a unique, in-cab device that monitors the flow rate of individual spray tips to detect problems like clogging, lost tips and misalignment.
2. Sentry 6120 droplet size monitor provides real-time measurement and in-cab display of droplet size while spraying so operators can adjust the ground speed and pressure to ensure proper coverage and minimize drift.
3. QJS compact, configurable nozzle body allows the number of nozzle connections and the orientations of the connections to be easily configured based on sprayer design and application demands.

Other products being introduced at AG CONNECT include a new rate controller and precision farming field computer.