Powering Your Precision Gadget

Chuck ZimmermanGadgets

Hyperjuice MicroGot a new gadget on which you can use a new precision app for your farming operation? Then here’s an option for making sure it stays charged up on the road or in the field. It’s the Hyperjuice Micro.

I started out with a Hyperjuice Mini which I still have but I like the smaller Micro. It has two usb ports so you can plug in two gadgets at the same time to power them up. In my experience, my devices generally charge back up quickly.

There are special gadget covers that include an extra battery in them but I don’t like the extra bulk, including the “thin” ones. I like my slim case on my iPhone and I’d rather stick one of these in my jacket pocket if I’m going to be somewhere I can’t have my gear bag handy.

Your gadget is only good if it’s got power. True AgNerds know the importance of this. Don’t have to say, “My Phone is dead” because you ran out of juice!

Available in 10 different juicy colors and housed in an exquisite aluminum casing, HyperJuice Micro is equipped with one high power and one low power USB port that can charge the iPad and iPhone or any USB device. You will be spoiled for choice finding the right color to match your USB device.

How do you address the need to power your gadget up out in the field or on the road?

You’ll find lots of other useful gadget devices at HyperShop besides HyperJuice.