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kip-tom-doubleOur next Profile calls Indiana home, where he operates Tom Farms with his family. Tom Farms consists of 16,000 acres of seed corn, corn and soybeans. Cindy met up with Kip Tom, during the National Association of Farm Broadcasting’s Trade Talk and he shared his love for agriculture and all the new gadgets that make farming easier and more efficient.

Kip is also one of Ag Connect’s Masters and Mavericks who has embraced the emerging trends set before him and is eager to share how agriculture can move forward and continue to feed the world.

“We didn’t have precision farming to what we have today. I’d put it this way, I think even my grandfather and great-grandfather probably had some form of precision farming on their 80 acres they operated. Today, it’s much different. What’s really interesting is over the past 20 years precision technology has been at the farm gate.”

“Today, I’m really excited because I look at it this way, we are at the convergence of innovation. We’ve got biotechnology, we’ve got informatics and then we’ve got the ability to remotely or mechanically control how we put those three things together. It’s another lever we can pull now to improve yields.”

Kip made it clear that the most significant thing in terms of precision agriculture that increases yields on his farm, decreases his carbon footprint and increases his bottom line was biotechnology and seed genetics. In the struggle to continue to feed the world Kip also reminds us that failure is not an option. He insists that biotechnology, the ability to run our farms like a business while making good decisions and improving yields is something that should be the center of everyones operation.

Listen to Cindy’s complete interview with Tom here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Kip Tom”]

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