New Adjuvant Technology for Greater Drift Control

Melissa SandfortAgribusiness, Spraying

Aerial applicators now have an on-target solution when delivering timely and more precise applications of crop protection products. Precision Laboratories, a leading provider of specialized chemistries, recently introduced Volare DC™, a new adjuvant technology for aerial applicators.

Volare DC, briefly known as Avianis DC, delivers improved drift control, deposition and coverage when applied through aerial application equipment. Unlike ordinary drift retardants designed for ground application, Volare DC optimizes droplet size and deposition by “right-sizing” spray droplets to resist wind stream shear that ruptures oversized droplets formed from ordinary drift retardants.

Recent research shows a distinct difference between ground and aerial applications, where ordinary drift retardants can be ineffective for the aerial market. In 2011, Volare DC was validated through research performed at the USDA Agricultural Research Services (ARS) Aerial Application Technology high speed wind tunnel. It reduced drift by over 30% compared to alternatives and provided superior compatibility at a low-use rate.