Kinze Advises Planter Prep During Winter Months

Melissa SandfortEquipment

The people at Kinze Manufacturing, Inc. understand the urgency to get seed in the ground shortly after the planting window opens. Because many Kinze employees also farm, they know how critical proper planter maintenance is to ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency during this short time.

While it’s very important for farmers to make sure their planter is mechanically sound, it’s also important to check the electronics and technology on today’s planters.

After farmers check their planter’s mechanics, there is a separate checklist of items they should check regarding their monitors and technology. For farmers to ensure their planter monitor is running properly, Kinze recommends three basic areas to check: display operation, display data/software and the planter components.

If these tasks are performed before planting, it ensures that farmers will be ready to plant when weather permits.