Your Data Becoming a Cash Crop

Chuck ZimmermanAgribusiness, Audio, International

The American Society of Farm Managers & Rural Appraisers just completed their annual meeting along with the AgroNomics Conference and Trade Show. One of the companies exhibiting was Farmers Edge. They want you to Grow. More. Precisely.

Wade Barnes, President/CEO and Co-Founder, was also on the program talking about “Data – the New Cash Crop.” He says that as we move forward data will become increasingly important since consumers want to know that the crops are grown sustainably, where they came from and what they are eating. That will put pressure on the food companies they are buying from and those companies will then pass that pressure along to the farmer. He says that as farmers become more sophisticated with their data it can be used to add value to their product and that’s how it becomes part of a cash crop.

In the Farmers Edge booth the company was displaying its technology platform called Precision Edge.

Precision Edge is a program designed to store and manage the data tied to a field using geospatial coordinates. Farmers Edge uses Precision Edge to execute variable rate crop inputs using remote sensing and our own algorithms designed to create accurate zone maps. It also contains the ability to keep crop records and application maps so all data from a field is located in one place.

Listen to my interview with Wade to learn more about the company here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Wade Barnes”]

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