Winterize Farm Equipment With Slip Plate

Melissa SandfortAgribusiness, Audio, Company Announcement

With the fall harvest ending in the near future it’s time to look at winterizing all that equipment. That means you need a good lubricant and that means you might want to check out Slip Plate. You can find out all they ways you can use this product from Superior Graphite on their website. Go ahead. Visit now. Here are a few places where you can use Slip Plate:

SLIP Plate dry film graphite coatings (SLIP Plate No. 1, SLIP Plate No. 3, SLIP Plate No. 4, and SLIP Plate Aerosol) significantly reduce sliding friction on corn picker heads, combine cutter bars, hay elevators, planter plates, hay bailers, gravity wagons, and many more applications around the farm.

Slip Plate is a dry lubricant that is very environmentally friendly unlike petroleum based products. More reasons to use Slip Plate!

I visited with Barry Lee, Superior Graphite, once again to talk about Slip Plate products for the agricultural market. This is part of a periodic series of interviews I’m doing to help the ag industry come to know this company and their products. In our interview Barry not only talks about products for specific farm applications but also one I think you hunters our there should know about and that is Black Ice.

A unique formulation combining a unique solvent cleaner with a friction reducing mineral that first cleans the surface, and then deposits a layer of pure, lubricous graphite powder.

This makes it perfect for gun cleaning!

Our discussion also focused on “What’s inside a can of graphite?” You might think all cans of graphite are the same but they are not. Barry did some research on this subject that finds two things that govern the performance of the graphite product you are using: amount of graphite and the type of graphite. You can find details of his research findings on the Slip Plate website.

Listen to my interview with Barry here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Barry Lee”]