Harvest Makes Rapid Progress

Cindy ZimmermanCorn, Harvesting, NCGA

Farmers are more than double-timing it on the corn harvest this season.

As of this past weekend, USDA reports that 69 percent of the crop was harvested, compared to 28 average for this time of year. Several corn belt states are running way, way ahead of normal, like Minnesota and Iowa, which normally have around 11-17% of the corn harvest complete by now. This year – over three-quarters of the crop in both states is harvested!

National Corn Growers Association President Pam Johnson of Floyd, Iowa says farmers are working diligently to get the crop into the U.S. corn supply.

“While this summer’s drought certainly took its toll, corn farmers are working tirelessly to get the crop out of field and into bins. Their commitment to maximizing the crop drives them forward, often late into the night, harvesting now to make sure they provide the most abundant, highest quality corn possible,” said Johnson.