5th Asian Conference on Precision Agriculture

Melissa SandfortAgribusiness, Events

The 5th Asian Conference on Precision Agriculture (ACPA) will be held June 25-28, 2013, on Jeju Island, Republic of Korea. As an initiative in precision agriculture research and application in Asia, ACPA aims to introduce and discuss Asian model of precision agriculture, connect people, and improve academic collaboration between different institutions and disciplines. The conference connects representatives from business and industry, research, education, consultation, production, and government organizations.

Precision agriculture has been established well in North America, Europe and Australia, where production fields are relatively large. Precision agriculture has attracted interest and has seen some limited adoption in Asian countries. Reasons for this interest are social concern regarding environmental problems, global demands for environmentally safe agriculture, and labor shortage due to a decreasing and aging rural population. These factors are driving the change of agriculture to site-specific field and crop management in Asian countries with unique agricultural conditions and consumer needs perhaps more than in North America, Europe, and Australia. Concept of precision agriculture are widely applied also to horticulture and livestock production. The 5th ACPA is designed so that Asian countries can learn from other continents, share experience among member countries, and discuss issues for better future of Asian agriculture.