Crop Insurance Reporting: Verifying Harvested Production using SMS

Melissa SandfortAg Leader, Insights Weekly

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Ag Leader recently shared how SMS software can be used to assist with crop insurance reporting, in particular acreage reporting. As harvest season shifts into high gear, Ag Leader is revisiting how these same tools can be used for verifying harvested production (see pages 250 – 252 for RMA guidelines).

Listen to Luke James, Ag Leader software sales manager, as he explains more about the benefits.
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“Periodically during the harvest season I make sure to import our farms yield monitor (link Yield Monitor to data into SMS. This not only insures that the data is being recorded correctly, but it also provides an opportunity to review our farms crop yield,” says James. “In the event of production loss, I can simply access current harvest information in SMS and provide verification of loss for our crop insurance agent. This helps expedite the claim process and ensures that I’m being accurately compensated for any harvest loss.”

See the video below for more detail on using SMS software for crop insurance reporting:

James also says SMS provides valuable data when looking to next year’s crop.
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You can also sign up for free SMS software training sessions here.

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