Combine Settings in Drought Conditions

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About 40% of corn and nearly a quarter of the soybean crop have already been harvested nationwide which is well ahead of normal for this time of year and record setting in some areas. The five year average for corn harvest by this date is less than 15%, soybeans less than 10%.

The reason for the advanced progress is the hot, dry summer which led to rapid development of crops, much of which ended in mostly poor condition across a wide section of the corn belt. The early harvest was just getting underway at Farm Progress Show this year, first time that has happened since the show moved up to the end of August dates from the previous end of September. Kim Cramer with John Deere Harvester Works in East Moline, Illinois was talking with farmers at the show about adjusting combine settings to deal with some of the variability caused by the usually harsh weather this summer.

“Typically in these type of conditions, the combine needs to stay full as possible,” said Cramer. “Specifically, you try to minimize the amount of trash coming in so you need to be aware of adjustments on the corn head – speed, deck plate spacings – obviously need to have parts in good working order.”

Cramer recommends paying more attention to tailings and make appropriate adjustments. “In a year like this, you’re probably going to have to run a little bit faster in rotor or cylinder, maybe a little bit tighter with concave, those would be adjustments you would want to make,” he said.

Listen to Kim’s suggestions here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”John Deere’s Kim Cramer”]

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