Clean Tanks Mean Cleaner Fuel for Equipment

Cindy ZimmermanFarm Progress Show, Growmark, Video

A dirty fuel tank can result in farm equipment running less efficiently, which is why GROWMARK STAR energy was demonstrating a high efficiency fuel tank cleaning process at the 2012 Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa.

Curt Snyder with STAR Energy demonstrated the cleaner, which can run in any size tank from 500-1000 gallons. “It has a pressurized nozzle that sprays throughout the tank, scours it inside. Meanwhile, in the back, it’s sucking up the fuel and running it through our filtering system to take out all the impurities,” he explained. “We’re able to get down to even the smallest pieces of sand.”

Snyder says it’s good to go into harvest season with a clean tank so you don’t get any grit from an old tank into your fuel system. More information is available from STAR Energy in Iowa or any FS fuel delivery service.

Watch a demo of the tank cleaner in the video below:

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