Ag Leader Academy Dealer Training Wraps Up

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Insights Weekly

For more than three years, Ag Leader has been providing customer and dealer training via Ag Leader Academy. And, Ag Leader Academy reached a new personal record by hosting over 70 dealer trainings this summer. With record attendance, Ag Leader Dealers will be more prepared than ever before to help growers through a successful harvest. One way Ag Leader dealers help prepare growers is through customer training.

Andy Boyle, Ag Leader training coordinator, says the different courses break things down for more specialized learning, including hands-on experience. Training sessions include information about Ag Leader displays, SeedCommand and DirectCommand setup and operation, automated steering with ParaDyme and OnTrac2+ and a host of other topics.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Andy here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Andy Boyle”]

Be sure to visit with your local dealer for all the latest from Ag Leader – and while there, take a look at their wall to see if there are certificates displayed. That means they passed the quizzes at the Ag Leader Academy!

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