Monsanto FieldScripts Featured at FPS

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Monsanto’s new FieldScripts service, the first from their Integrated Farming Systems, is changing the company’s pipeline and testing programs. During a media visit at the Monsanto Huxley, IA location on Farm Progress Show eve, we learned more about this from Tracy Klingaman. In the video below you’ll see him talking in front of one of their field trial plots.

Here’s how FieldScripts will work:

The farmer will provide inputs like field boundaries, yield data, and fertility test results to their seed dealer. The dealer will work with the farmer to select each field to enroll in FieldScripts. Using Monsanto’s extensive seed-by-environment data, the company will deliver a variable rate seeding prescription by yield management zone and a recommendation for the best hybrid for each field. The prescription will be provided through Precision Planting’s FieldView™ app for the iPad® handheld device to the farmer’s tractor. The prescription will then be executed using Precision Planting’s 20/20 SeedSense® monitor and planter control system.

You can watch a video overview of FieldScripts here.

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