New Automated Steering System from Ag Leader

Melissa SandfortAg Leader, Insights Weekly

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Farmers looking to reduce operator fatigue, lower fuel consumption and extend working hours and operation windows have a new tool – a high-accuracy automated steering system from Ag Leader. The all-new GeoSteer automated steering system was designed for farmers looking for repeatable, sub-inch accuracy, making it ideal for planting, spraying and other field operations that require precise automated steering.

The single antenna design makes it easy to transfer the system from one vehicle to another. Additionally, an exclusive Flex Mode allows the GeoSteer system to continue operating for a period of time if the system temporarily loses the differential GPS signal.

Jeff Bentley, Ag Leader GPS guidance and steering sales manager, explains the product and how it works.

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The GeoSteer system integrates seamlessly with Ag Leader’s INTEGRA™ and VERSA™ in-cab displays, making setup quick and easy. Built-in remote diagnostics and auto-calibration is easily accessible from the in-cab display. GeoSteer’s remote service system allows dealer service technicians to access and diagnose the unit while the operator is in the field.

Bentley tells us what differentiates GeoSteer from other steering systems on the market.

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Bottom line: why GeoSteer? Simple, economical, accurate. GeoSteer bridges the gap between expensive, full-featured systems and less costly systems that don’t provide the functionality or level of precision desired.

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