TeeJet Technologies Launches 540 Series Boom Shutoff Manifold

Jamie JohansenEquipment, Spraying, technology

TeeJet Technologies announces their new 540 series manifold for sprayer boom shutoff. This new gear driven, plunger-style design provides long-term reliability in a more compact size. The 540 can deliver improved wear-life when working with abrasive solutions and will generate strong closing force for positive shutoff.

Tim Stuenkel, Marketing Manager with TeeJet, said “With the introduction of the 540 series shutoff manifold TeeJet now gives our customers the choice of both plunger and ball-type boom shutoff valves. They can choose the manifold that best fits their machines and applications. We are pleased to continue to provide our customers with newer and better boom shutoff solutions.”

TeeJet manufactures a comprehensive line of products and continues to invest in research and development to advance precision application and control technology.

Find more information about TeeJet and their new 540 series boom shutoff manifold here.