Nod to Trailblazers Helping Up and Coming Precision Ag Companies

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New players in the game of precision agriculture owe a lot of thanks to some of the bigger companies that went before them. Some of those giving credit for their success of helping farmers use precision agriculture to get the most out of their fields are the folks at Solum. At the recent International Conference on Precision Agriculture, Chuck caught up with Nick Koshnick (on the right in the picture), the founder of Solum. “Solum was founded in 2009. The whole goal is to create measurements and analytics that allow farmers to efficiently increase their yields.” One example he pointed out is the ability to measure nitrogen inputs, which used to take days, but through Solum’s software, can now can be done in just a few minutes. “And the cool thing is you don’t have to be a trained PhD, labcoat person to do this,” Koshnick said.

Koshnick said they’e seeing a lot of interest in what they do and credits some of the bigger companies out there, such as John Deere, Ag Leader, and Raven, for blazing the trail in precision ag tools. “We’re standing on the success and quality of their products. Working with them is key to our success.”

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Nick here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Nick Koshnick, Founder, Solum”]

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