GROWMARK Sees United Effort for Conservation as Refreshing

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The recent Indian Creek Watershed Project Field Tour brought varied groups together for a common goal: conserving resources. During the tour, Chuck talked with one of our good friends from GROWMARK, Howard Brown, manager of agronomy services, who was glad to see those with different backgrounds coming together like this.

“It’s not about selling one thing or promoting one idea. It’s collectively a systems approach to nitrogen management,” Brown said. He added that if farmers dedicate themselves to only one approach to nitrogen management, they will fail. The dry summer was a classic example of that this year. If farmers only put all their nitrogen on at once post-emergence, they wouldn’t see much value out of that nitrogen because the rains didn’t come. And that also sets up more nitrogen runoff later on. Brown suggested an incremental approach to nitrogen application to minimize any liabilities. It’s just part of GROWMARK’s overall approach to making things work better for their member owners.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Howard here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Interview with Howard Brown, GROWMARK manager of agronomy services”]

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